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Duerksen Turkey Farm Inc.
Address: 7214 South M66 Mancelona, MI, 49659
Phone: 231-587-8267
About Us
Our turkeys are seasonally pastured & humanely raised. We follow organic practices but are not certified.
Our turkeys are free from antibiotics, chemicals, and growth hormones.
Their feed is VERIFIED NON-GMO with NO animal by products used.
Products are MSG free.
We purchase the poults at one day old and raise them in a barn where they are protected from predators and the elements. They are very fragile in the beginning, so they are kept warm and dry and have fresh clean water every couple hours and clean bedding for comfort. This happens for the next 6-8 weeks depending on the weather in the Spring, then they are put out onto pasture where they live 24/7. They love to roam and eat the 5 essential grasses we’ve planted for them, plus the smorgasbord of insects.
They are processed onsite in our licensed processing facility and are treated with TLC until the end.